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Understanding satisfaction amongst EV owners

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Introduction to the kind of data we need to understand if EV owners feel well served - the key measure of charging where and when they wanted, other surveys to assess views of current and prospective EV owners, up-time data from chargepoint suppliers, local information about particular sites etc.

We have considered various metrics for determining whether a local area has been successful in meeting the needs of local EV users and have settled on this as a useful and practical headline indicator -

'What percentage of the time were you able to charge your EV where and when you needed to over the last [x] weeks?'

This metric allows for the fact that EV users will have their own assessments of convenience which will depend on a range of factors such as their personal mobility and daily routines, and the technical specifications of their particular vehicle.

Where people are able to charge their EVs where and when they need to then they are likely to feel positive about the switch and advocate for others in their area also to move to an EV.

Conversely, where they experience charging as being inconvenient for much of the time then they may discourage others from making the switch by sharing their negative experience.

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Pulling it all together

Our step-by-step guide to getting the data that you will need for your local authority and putting this into a report.

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Sources of further information and examples of good practice.

Department for Transport

A wealth of resources on low emission and electric vehicles, including statistics, funding and chargepoint schemes.


Zap-Map helps EV drivers locate available charge points, plan their electric journeys with the route planner, pay for charging on participating networks and share updates with other drivers.

Electric Brighton

A great example of a community initiative promoting the adoption of electric vehicles in the Brighton and Hove area.

London Charge Point Dashboard

A project from the London Office of Technology and Innovation that pulls together data from multiple local authorities to produce a London-wide dashboard showing charge points and their usage.

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust publishes useful information and tools related to electric vehicles on their website.

Access further support from the New AutoMotive team

We want to transition to electric vehicles to be as fast and as smooth as possible. If you would benefit from one of our bespoke workshops, a talk with our team, or if have a request for a customised dataset, we’d love to hear from you.

Team: Ben Nelmes and Andrea Di Antonio
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