Toolkit for Local Areas

Making the EV transition better for all

A New AutoMotive for Local Areas

Welcome to the New AutoMotive Local service.

This is where we share information about the transition to Electric Vehicles that we think will be useful to people working on this issue at a local level.

We ran a beta test of the service between July and September 2021 and are now developing the full toolkit with a target release date of June 2022. If you would like us to notify you about progress and product launches please email us at

If you would like to find out more about who is behind the service and why we are providing it then we hope that our FAQ section will fill in any gaps.

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What to Expect

There are three principles guiding how we will be presenting information on this site.

We are eating an elephant. The transition to electric vehicles is a major development that can impact on local infrastructure in many different ways. This may make it seem daunting and create the feeling of not knowing where to start. In an African proverb, the answer to the question 'how do you eat an elephant?' is 'one bite at a time'. We will try to break this problem down into a number of smaller challenges to make the whole thing more digestible.

There are no stupid questions. There is a lot of technical information here that some people already understand well and which others will be learning for the first time. We will try to explain everything assuming only a very general set of baseline knowledge. People who do know stuff already can either skip the explanations or send us suggestions for improving them!

We need big and small data. There is a lot we can do by crunching up big datasets about people and vehicles. But some of the best insights for local plans are likely to come from small datasets about a specific area. We expect the availability of both big and small data to improve over time allowing us to keep adding to and refining our toolkit.

Based on these principles, we present information in 5 sections -

  1. The Primer - this aims to bring us all up to the same baseline of knowledge and to help those who are new to looking at this area visualise the challenge.

  2. Demand - here we explore various datasets that can be used to understand how many people are using EVs in a local area today and estimate how this will change over time.

  3. Supply - this section looks at the charging infrastructure needed to support EVs in a local area and how we can assess its evolution.

  4. Performance - we describe methods for understanding whether people are happy with the local environment for using EVs and where they have any particular concerns.

  5. The Exercise - at the end of the toolkit we pull everything together and walk you through collecting data for your area and putting this into a template plan.

People who are new to the subject are likely to get the most value from the service by working through each section sequentially, while more experienced visitors may prefer to dip in where they have particular open questions.