Toolkit for Local Areas

About New AutoMotive Local

Who is this site aimed at?

We hope this toolkit will be useful for anyone wanting to support the transition to electric vehicles in their local areas.

We expect it to be of particular interest to people working for or with local authorities on transport planning and moving towards a zero carbon local economy.

As well as people who are doing this as their job, we think there is a lot of potential value in having many other local groups and individuals supporting local EV transitions and are keen to see it reach as wide an audience as possible.

Who is behind this site?

We are a small Community Interest Company called New AutoMotive CIC that was set up in 2020 to support the transition to Electric Vehicles. We are a not-for-profit and measure our success by whether we can help make the transition happen quickly and smoothly.

You can see more of the official information about us and our activities in our UK Companies House registration.

Where do you get your funding?

We mainly receive funding from foundations with an interest in climate change.

As a Community Interest Company we can engage in more traditional forms of commercial activity and will do this where we think this is helpful for the transition. For example, we may receive referral fees where we direct someone to a supplier of Electric Vehicles as this both helps someone make the shift and provides income we can use to promote EV use more broadly.

In all cases, income received is converted back into activities supporting our core mission rather than being converted into profits for shareholders.

Is this service really free?

Yes, we are happy to provide all of this content free at the point of use to anyone working on the transition to EVs in local areas. We believe that sharing this as widely as possible will help us deliver on our mission to help local communities with the switchover to EVs.

If you wish to take our content away to use somewhere else then please see the licensing section below for guidance on this.

What is in it for you?

Our mission is to help make the transition to electric vehicles faster and better. If this toolkit helps people with local transition planning then this is success for us.

We are interested in knowing who is using the service and about any benefits it has given them as this helps us to evaluate whether building it was worthwhile. This is less about mass analytics and more about direct engagement with the community that we hope will build up around the service.

If we can show that this service is valuable then this may help us with future bids for funding from foundations and other bodies supporting the transition. So there may be some indirect financial benefit to us from usage of the service.

We may also do some paid-for work with local groups or national government agencies related to local EV transition plans and this service does act as a showcase for what we can do.

Any new funds that we get from foundations or consultancy projects will again go towards fulfilling our core mission rather than as profit to shareholders.

How do I get access to the content?

We ran a beta program for the service between July and September 2021 and are now working on a full version with a target release date of June 2022.

If you are interested in the toolkit then please send an email to with a short explanation of who you are and your areas of interest. We will keep you updated on progress and product launches.

Is this a UK only service?

We are currently developing this for the UK only as this is where we have expertise in the relevant data sources. We want to see the EV transition happen in every country so we are interested in seeing whether we can take the products and services we are developing and deploy them in other places.

If you are interested in the EV transition in another country and think this service could be useful there then do please get in touch at - we would love to explore this with you.

Can I take this content and use it elsewhere?

Please read the data and licensing section of the New AutoMotive website for guidance on our approach to people re-using our content. In summary -

  • We are happy for this content to be re-used by organisations producing content and tools that they are also making open to local communities for free.
  • For other organisations who would like to re-use this content for commercial and/or closed proprietary products and services we ask that you get in touch to discuss this.

Further Questions?

We hope that these FAQs will answer any questions you have about this service and the people behind it. If you would like more information after reading them, or wish to sign up for our beta test program please email us at